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Drug Screening of Hair Follicles

Several alternatives are available if you are looking for the finest drug test for your employment. A Hair Follicle Drug Test is one alternative for testing for substance addiction since it is rapid, simple, and accurate. It also has a wider detection window than a U test and is less expensive

Hair follicle drug testing is a type of alternative drug testing. It detects drugs for a longer length of time than urine testing. Furthermore, it is more dependable.

A hair test will disclose whether or not you have taken drugs and patterns of use. This is due to the chemical in medications being absorbed by hair strands. Hair is less prone to provide false positives than urine, which can be contaminated.

Some drugs and therapies, however, might cause false positives. As a result, informing your doctor about any new medications, vitamins, or hair treatments is critical.

For example, if your hair is chemically treated, the concentration of medications in your hair may have changed. As a result, a new hair sample may be required for the test.

A hair follicle drug test examines the substances and metabolites that build up in your hair shaft. It is used to identify prescription and illicit drug abuse. Employers and other organizations can use the resultant data to screen employees for drug usage. A hair follicle test has a wider detection window than a urine drug test.

A typical scalp hair sample gives information regarding the last 90 days of medication exposure. The detection window might last many months, depending on the length of the hair. However, the detection window’s duration is restricted by the analytical detection cutoffs.

Consider the following factors when deciding if a hair follicle drug test is right for you. First, ask your company to subsidize the costs. Some health insurance policies include coverage as well.

Hair follicle tests are typically utilized in occupational testing but can also be employed in forensic and legal testing. They are used to identify the presence of both prescribed and illicit drugs.

A hair follicle drug test is a test that is used to identify various substances in a person’s hair. The outcomes might be either favorable or bad. It is a substitute for a urine test. Some health insurance policies will also cover the cost of a hair follicle test.

Unlike urine testing, hair follicle examinations can detect drug usage that happened over 90 days. This is far longer than the detection window provided by urine testing.

A conventional 5-panel hair follicle drug test searches for five drug groups. A confirmatory GC-MS test is frequently required for a positive result.

A hair follicle drug test is a method of detecting the presence of certain drugs and metabolites on the scalp. It is a two-step process that begins with collecting a sample and ends with submitting it to a laboratory for testing. The individual will then receive the findings from the lab.

Hair follicle tests are used to detect drug usage patterns, including prescription medicines, and to track the development of those at risk of taking or misusing illegal substances. They are also used for pre-employment and random drug testing on occasion.

Some persons being tested for drugs for legal reasons may be subjected to a hair follicle test. These tests can be performed at home, work, or medical facilities.

A hair follicle drug test is intended to detect a drug metabolite formed by the body when a substance is broken down. This metabolite might remain in the hair for months.


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